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Travel Plans: Flexed

My last posts all came from Burgos, where my dad and I were shaken loose from our Camino attempt due to his hospitalization. The final verdict is that he had bleeding ulcers most likely caused from anti-inflamatories he was taking each day on the route paired with stress and dehydration. 610 more words

The Proclaimers - Spain

You should know that i loathe birthdays... But I love reasons to drink!

Well folks,

I’ve lost time for the “quarter life crisis,” as tomorrow I become the inevitable 24. Yes, you read correctly:


This may seem like nothing to you, but to me it feels like my life has slipped right on by. 370 more words


August 28, 2014

It’s that time. I’m about to enter into yet another trip around the sun and, as of late, have been reflecting back on the past year. 1,112 more words


City ambience, lush pads, and calm amidst the busy.

Before you do anything, take one piece of advice from me:  don’t listen to this track like you do with any other pop song, or “house” song. 385 more words