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20's Flapper

Made this for my sister, who loves the 20’s. Was quite fun to draw!


What to expect when you're not sure what to expect.

If your in your a female and in your mid twenties i think you’ll relate to my recent epiphany. When i imagined my life at mid twenties i didn’t imagine this. 489 more words


That "Finding Yourself" mantra

I think you can say you’re officially in your 20’s when you’re 21. Because that’s literally inside the 20’s zone. Or maybe just the day after your 20th birthday. 1,042 more words

First Time for Everything

Now bear with me here, this is my first blog and its going to be rough. I’m gonna post things i don’t mean to, drunkenly post things, be a bitch but also pour my heart out. 35 more words


What's The Deal With 27?


On a not-so-beautiful early Saturday evening on Labor Day weekend I find myself at home, thank god. It is such sweet relief to be sitting at my computer and not standing around in an empty restaurant in newly minted fine dining restaurant attire; I am more than happy to leave my black tie in my locker, along with my apron and wine key to be used at a later date. 800 more words

Growing Up

Growing up is a relief!

Every year, you discover something marvelous about your personality, reason to live longer and anwers of your existance.

Here is the summary of my 20’s: “My emotions were diversifed while my intelligence were sharpened.” 6 more words