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That "Finding Yourself" mantra

I think you can say you’re officially in your 20’s when you’re 21. Because that’s literally inside the 20’s zone. Or maybe just the day after your 20th birthday. 1,042 more words

What's The Deal With 27?


On a not-so-beautiful early Saturday evening on Labor Day weekend I find myself at home, thank god. It is such sweet relief to be sitting at my computer and not standing around in an empty restaurant in newly minted fine dining restaurant attire; I am more than happy to leave my black tie in my locker, along with my apron and wine key to be used at a later date. 800 more words

Tabula Rasa

Talking tonight with a friend we ended up on the subject of what our legacy would be. What would we be most proud of? If we died, would we be happy with what we’ve accomplished thus far? 382 more words


Pilot Part 2

Seeing Charlie as an addict again is hard to watch. I already remember all of my frustrations with his trials, and it makes me sad. 370 more words


Pilot Part 1

The opening scene is still one of the most intense sequences I’ve seen on TV. The deep red on the leg of the guy they pull out of the wreckage, the hand hanging from the fuselage, the first instance of someone performing CPR successfully, the bamboo forest, Vincent, the first crying of “Walt”, Jin crying out while trying to find Sun. 496 more words


LOST Rewatch

I figured what better way to start attempting to collect my thoughts as I enter the second half of my twenties than re-watching the show that has had the biggest impact on me. 170 more words


23 Things Everyone In Their Mid-Late 20s Needs To Be Reminded Once In A While

1. Don’t feel bad for distancing yourself from old friends who aren’t willing to grow up. It’s not your fault. Unless you wrote “Don’t ever change” in their high school yearbook and they really value your advice, in which case you’re moderately responsible, jerk. 793 more words