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30 weeks and back to work!

Can you believe it? On Monday, I will have reached the 30 week mark in my pregnancy. Since entering the third trimester, I have had a head cold, tummy troubles, insomnia and an asthma attack and it’s only been 2 weeks! 318 more words

Life Stories

Photos from Spiti

As I near the first anniversary of my debut solo trip, for reasons unknown I still struggle to articulate my experiences from Spiti, Himachal Pradesh. Faraway in the mountains, the silent solitude has taught me more than I expected and made me believe in the good even more. 381 more words


Over Land and Sea....

After looking through all the pictures that I have on my laptop I quickly realized that I do not have that many personal pictures as I had just gotten a new laptop right before I moved to Asheboro to go to school and all of those pictures were left behind on my old laptop. 46 more words

Jordyn Cimbura

Is it <3 or a moonshine crush? #SouthernPerfection @AuthorCasey


Life is full of choices, good, bad, and the ones you can’t control. Raegan is perfect in every way, but what happens when life occurs? 389 more words

Bayan Gömlek Modelleri 2014 Yeni Sezon - FİX / KADIN

Bir konuya açıklık getirmek istiyorum, giyim konusunda bayanlar erkeklere göre çok daha şanslı çünkü sizinde çok iyi bildiğiniz gibi neredeyse artık dünya kadınların üstüne kurulu şekilde, bayanlar giyim tarzlarını çok rahat oluşturabiliyorken aynı durum malesef erkek için pekte geçerli değildir…. 18 more words