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I'm Under Construction

One of the things that happened when I was in my last relationship, and it started early on was that I stopped doing working out. I have played around with going back to the gym and working out in that time but I haven’t been serious about it.   355 more words


Sharing Stories and my weight-loss video

I believe that by sharing the stories of our own life’s journey, with the ups and the downs, the success and the failures, our stories can inspire, teach and even change lives. 438 more words

Week 5 BBG

Something has finally clicked for me this week. 

The so-called ‘secrets of success’ will not work unless you do.

I think it has taken me 5 weeks to get in the right mindset.

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Kayla Itsines

Week 4 of BBG

Hey guys

Think it’s about time I provided an update on how I am going with Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide aka BBG.

I’m now on Week 4 and so far so good. 447 more words

Kayla Itsines

Get your shit together girl!

Soooooo…. I have no idea what I weigh which is what I use to track progress (flawed I know, but simple!) This just happened:

This did not, I repeat, DID NOT happen whilst standing on it. 320 more words


Last freakin 5kgs

Here I am again 5kgs from goal weight, The past 12 months I have been hovering 2-3 KGs above my goal weight and after a big long holiday I am a solid 5kg above goal weight. 141 more words

Bad lunch and compliments galore!

First gross lunch of the 12wbt, I hate canned salmon. Love it smoked, grilled or raw though. Ended up throwing my lunch and getting  2 brown rice and salmon/avo sushi rolls. 23 more words