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Aloha, Scootonerinos!

That, friends, was a Louise SprinkleOfGlitter referenece. I think I’m starting a Youtuber greetings pattern here.

I’ve been really busy, and it’s quite ridiculous seeing that the things I’m busy with are little things that should not take too long to complete. 618 more words

Procrastination Project

100 Happy Days: 21-32

My sister in her big sister sort of way let me know that I totally slacked off in the 100 Happy Days challenge.  I kind of totally forgot about it.   415 more words

Picture This

The healthiest cuppa you can drink

Day 50: Green Tea

Another healthy habits I am trying to pick up is drinking green tea on a daily. I’ve always enjoyed drinking green tea but I seem to only do it when I’m in a Japanese or Chinese restaurant. 126 more words


100 happy days – part 6

Day 51 – A walk on a grey and windy saturday, brightened up by this cute little snail snuggling among the figs

Day 52 – Finally the sun came out from behind the clouds… 121 more words

100 Happy Days

Day 98: Technology

I’ve really enjoyed getting the chance to practice drawing this summer, especially digitally. I recently got an application that saves a speed-drawing video of each picture you post. 136 more words


Day 25 - Presents

Got home from work today to a parcel full of presents from my best friend for my birthday. It made me smile so much because I’m seeing her tomorrow but she still posts stuff, like a person from olden times! 69 more words

100 Happy Days


100 Happy Days – Day 16
Went to see Ghostbusters in the theater today!!  I had never seen it on the big screen.

Just general anxiety today.   210 more words

100 Happy Days