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no, mike

will i allow you to speak

to the bright lit primary

colors hiding behind the

doors locked with minor


will i allow you to invade… 284 more words

Writing And Poetry

We just finished our End of Summer Semester Campus Visit with IAU. Next on our line-up: CIU and DeVry! And we might schedule your school, next! 47 more words


Seerah Series: Part 1 | Specialties of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) |


The most common names of the Prophet ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam and the two that the Qurʾān explicitly mentions, the Qurʾān mentions many adjectives, But in terms of proper nouns, or in terms of nouns, there are two names that are mentioned, and these names are Muhammad and Ahmad. 5,581 more words


Seize the Day

There are some things you can do only when you are young, hopeful and brimming with energy.

I spend my weekdays working very hard on an island off the comforts of mainland Singapore. 274 more words