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亲爱的 Dracula: Other People's Babies

Here’s a picture I did for one of my wife’s old high school friends. She and her husband recently had a baby. Their daughter is pictured playing with a pack of cigarettes and adjusting her sunglasses. 75 more words

亲爱的 Dracula

Atlanta Art: group show appearance

I had the pleasure and privilege to join fellow Atlanta artists Laura Asherman, Peter Brooks, Chandler Cox, Kelly Crosby, Crystal Desai, Larry Holland, Hillary Jourdan, Nick Madden, Sara Santamaria, and Dallas Ward as part of… 185 more words

亲爱的 Dracula

The Jumpman Cometh

Here’s a quick piece I did, paying tribute to two of Japan’s greatest cultural exports from the worlds of Godzilla and Nintendo by depicting the Mothra twins from the 1964 film… 28 more words

亲爱的 Dracula

亲爱的 Dracula: Two Burnt Holes in A Blanket

Here are a couple of recent panda pics.

The coloring of the bottom one is intended to less-than-subliminally provoke thoughts of the Bahamas and in turn, compel the audience to act more like James Bond.

亲爱的 Dracula