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From editors' picks to community favorites: see what WordPress bloggers are saying. Writers Share Their Favorite Baseball Books

Time for some summer reading? You’re in luck. We invited our esteemed writing colleagues at to suggest at least one favorite baseball book. Ball Four… 1,309 more words


Renewing Your Gay Card

Good afternoon, Mr. Elliot,

It was brought to my attention that you would like to renew both your straight and gay cards this year? Now while that is certainly all fine and good, may I recommend merely renewing your gay card, where you will be upgraded to the Gold Level? 398 more words


How to Bring Internet to the Masses

Like all good conversations, this one started out about sex.

We’re just a tiny bit nerdy, so we started wondering about the data speed during conception. 787 more words


Fear of a White Rapper

I recently watched Ice T’s documentary Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, and I found it to be a very informative and entertaining piece on hip-hop. 1,149 more words


Ohio Meat Loaf

I’ve never been to Ohio.

Our friends passed us this recipe. They got it from their friends who live in Ohio. So we call it Ohio Meatloaf. 509 more words


Dear Cancer, Part Four

Dear Cancer,

Usually I would start penning a letter to someone significant with “how are you?” or perhaps “hope this finds you well”, but both of these conventional niceties seem wholly inappropriate when writing to you. 699 more words


The Skies Belong to Us: How Hijackers Created an Airline Crisis in the 1970s

Brendan I. Koerner | The Skies Belong to Us | 2013 | 25 minutes (6,186 words)

‘There Is No Way to Tell a Hijacker by Looking At Him’ 6,304 more words


Breaking Plates

Two weeks ago, I was sitting alone on a stool in the corner of my kitchen with my back against the wall. I had been trying to cry, to discharge some of my sadness and anger, but I was stuck in nothingness. 1,085 more words

Mental Health

Volunteering Overseas: A Bad Idea?

So, The Guardian (@GuardianGDP) put up a crowd-sourced article of pro-tips for volunteers to get noticed in the aid industry. I got into a Twitter conversation about the usefulness (or not) of volunteers in general. 852 more words

International Aid

The History of “Scientist”

Today is a red-letter day for readers of The Renaissance Mathematicus; I have succeeded in cajoling, seducing, bullying, bribing, inducing, tempting, luring, sweet-talking, coaxing, coercing, enticing, beguiling… 1,277 more words


The Ebola Virus and the Vampire State

Coming back to Sierra Leone at the end of June and traveling on to Liberia in July, I’ve seen a big change.  There have been hundreds of deaths, and people are definitely taking the issue more seriously now. 1,401 more words


Lies my Mother Tells

We may have touched on this a time or two, but my mom is a goddamned liar. I mean that in the nicest way possible, but that lady can tell a whopper before she even realizes she’s talking. 700 more words


Choose Your Own Adventure: You Are a Bear

You are a bear. You wake up in a dimly lit cave. Your eyes are adjusted to the low light, so you are able to see the textures of your surroundings. 100 more words


An Atomic Fairy Tale

1950 was Cinderella’s year.

My mother Betty knew it was an omen. After 6 long years of waiting, Disney’s much anticipated movie, Cinderella was finally opening and now Betty Joseph’s days of waiting were over too- she was getting married. 786 more words


What a Maroon.

I’ve never felt so courted as I did when colleges started sending me and my sister letters and brochures during our senior year of high school. 3,313 more words


You Don't Need to be Rich to be a Cultural Tourist (Really)

I remember the exact moment: after a morning of winding our way uphill through the medieval Albayzín neighborhood of Granada in Southern Spain, we reached the San Nicholas Viewpoint. 879 more words

Budget Travel

Deaths in the Iliad: a Classics Infographic

As requested: buy this as a poster!

EDITED: this got viewed about 250,000 times before anyone noticed that, on the first graph, I’d accidentally put Hektor’s book 22 death (the only one) in the book 21 column. 182 more words


"Boyhood" and Nonfiction Across Time

Last night on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart interviewed Richard Linklater about his new movie “Boyhood,” which was shot over a period of 12 years. 1,977 more words


Riding in Lifeboats with Ghosts

With permission, I have posted the email below.

Afternoon Hannah,

I’m moving to Athens, GA in three weeks. I know absolutely no one. I’m taking out a loan to start graduate school after I worked so hard to pay my way through undergrad to be debt free. 1,960 more words


Exciting News: My Speaking Fee Reduced $25k

Please pass this news along to your alleged friends, your imaginary buddies in high places and all those blowhard relatives who say they know somebody who knows somebody who could maybe get you a backstage pass to the next Air Supply concert. 662 more words


How to Be a Writer in the Year 2014

1. Write a lot of lists.

Lists are cool. Lists are in. Lists are super easy to digest, and take very little of a potential reader’s effort, thought, or time. 606 more words


A Response to "Women Against Feminism"

Imagine this:

The year is 2014. You are a white Western woman. You wake up in the morning in a comfortably sized house or flat. You have a full or part-time job that enables you to pay your rent or mortgage. 1,531 more words


No End in Sight: Academic Research and "Time Off"

“Can you read these words to me, Amanda?” my first grade teacher asked, pointing at the cover of The Wheedle on the Needle. I shook my head and smiled, thinking this was some kind of trick. 2,528 more words


On Writing for Free and Trying to “Make It”

Deadspin published a guest article today from a former Bleacher Report intern and writer, naming many of the company’s flaws as it pertained to his quest to become a professional sports journalist. 1,260 more words


Silence for the Sake of Gaza

Ibrahim Muhawi’s translation of Journal of an Ordinary Grief (Ar: 1973, Eng: 2010) is dedicated to the people of Gaza. This is from the section “Silence for the Sake of Gaza”: 418 more words


9 Things Han Solo Taught Me About Being a Dad

As a child of the ’70s, I considered Han Solo the epitome of manhood.

Fiercely independent, yet secretly sentimental. Skeptical, but willing to believe in magic if he sees it with his own eyes. 298 more words